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Welcome! I’m Julie, Our studio is located in Ventura County, California, and we can travel throughout Los Angeles County as well. Be sure to check out the categories above to find exactly what you’re interested in, and click on “expand”  to see the entire post. After that cruise on over to the contact section on the left to let me know what you think or schedule a session. I can’t wait to hear from you.

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May 26th, 2015

Everyone has a story, a reason why they want their portraits taken. This one is so unique and different from any of the ones I’ve done before. Mari Ann is a sweetheart who spends her life taking care of dogs. She works at a groomers in Moorpark, and travels all over checking in on people’s animals while their owners are gone. I’ve never known anyone who loves animals more. They are her life, and she knows A LOT about them. If you ever need anyone to take care of your animals you won’t do any better than asking her.

Taking care of animals is where this all started for me. I hired her to watch our dog while we went on vacation during Spring Break. While we were driving home she called me and told me how heartbroken she was. The family who she has known and loved for about 18 years is moving away. This is a woman who has no other family. She is all alone, except her own little dog, and her friends. She really wanted to have her picture with these children who she took care of all throughout their growing years.  She was in tears telling me how wonderful they are, and how she can’t imagine her life without them.

She was so excited about the session she called me multiple times afterwards thanking me. Once she saw the pictures she was so happy to have them she thanked me over and over again more times than I can count. This is the reason I started doing this, and what brings me more happiness than you’ll ever know.

Family Westlake Village Photographer

Family Westlake Village Photographer

Family Westlake Village Photographer

Family Westlake Village Photographer

Family Westlake Village Photographer

Family Westlake Village Photographer

Family Westlake Village Photographer

Family Westlake Village Photographer




6 Tips for Having Fun with Your Baby

April 7th, 2015

I love meeting first time parents. They are so excited about their baby, and completely immersed in being the best parents possible. Most of them have read books, asked lots of questions, and talked to experts about all the issues that come about when you’re raising a new human. Everyone has different beliefs and styles, and that is OK. It makes our world so much more interesting.

This couple had the happiest baby I’ve ever photographed. He had such a huge contagious smile the whole session. This doesn’t mean he’s never grumpy or upset, but at this time, on that day he sure was happy. What makes a happy baby? I’m sure it’s different for everyone, but I noticed that this couple did not hesitate to have fun with him.  Here are just a few of my observations about what makes babies happy. I love it when parents do these things during our photo sessions.

1. Talk

You can see from the images that he loves looking at his parents. They are his favorite people and just seeing their faces make him happy. This will not always be the case sadly.  My teenager will tell you that for sure. At this stage it’s so easy just to talk to your baby, make silly faces, silly sounds, or just laugh.

2. Move

It’s really common for first time parents to be so nervous about breaking their child they hardly move when they hold the baby. Babies are used to moving in their mother’s wombs for 9 months. It’s comforting to them. They loved to be rocked, bounced, or walked with while being held. The best thing is these movements is it usually puts them to sleep. I don’t know about you, but I was almost always a fan of a sleeping baby. When they have good neck strength you will notice they loved being lifted high in the air. This always, always brings smiles, even to the grumpiest of babies.

3. Sing and Dance

Babies really respond to music. They usually will develop a favorite song that will quiet them or make them laugh. They will always remember those songs and have wonderful memories associated with them. I sang “You are my Sunshine” to all of my kids, and even now they get excited when they hear it. Don’t just rely on slow songs. Get up and dance with your baby. Have fun! There are so many times as a parent that we are just simply tired and want a break from the crying and whining. Turning those moments around by singing and dancing can really make your day so much better. I still have “dance parties” with my kids. You’ll never, ever see me dancing in public, but in the privacy of my home with the curtains closed we dance up a storm.

4. Play Ball

I have yet to meet a child who doesn’t get excited about playing ball with their parents. They can throw, kick, and roll a simple ball for lots of fun. It’s so simple and easy. Even batting a balloon around the house (supervised closely by the parents) can distract a fussy baby and keep them happy.

5. Go Outside

We all feel cooped up when we are inside too long. Babies are the same. They love a change of scenery with new colors and fresh air. Next time your baby or toddler is fussy, just pick them up and take them outside. Most of the time they instantly quiet down as you step out the door. This is another reason why most of my sessions are outdoors. Kids love it outside. They love the feeling of freedom and exploring new places and seeing new things.

6. Snuggle Time

I’m a huge fan of snuggle time with my kids. When they are sitting on your lap, or laying down next to you quietly they feel so much comfort in the closeness. I need those quiet moments with them to bond, and reassure them that all is well.

You probably see that these are really simple, easy things you can do all the time and cost no money, except maybe the cost of the music, and the ball. Maybe these are all so obvious to you this list seems pointless, however I’ve run into many parents who didn’t know how helpful some of these things are.

5 Tips for Having Fun with your Baby


5 Tips for Having Fun with your Baby

5 Tips for Having Fun with your Baby

5 Tips for Having Fun with your BabyWestlake Village Family PhotographerWestlake Village Family Photographer






7 Year Anniversary!

February 24th, 2015

To celebrate my 7 year anniversary in business I announced a contest where the winner would receive a complimentary photo session, plus the digital file package. It has been such a gift to receive emails with such sweet stories from my past clients. I have been touched deeply to hear your struggles, and know that the work I do enriches your lives even a little bit. Here are the images and stories. I hope you enjoy reading them! I’ll be announcing the winner on 1/26/15. Stay tuned!

Family Photographer ventura

There are a million reasons why it is my favorite so I’ll try to keep it to just a few for you.
1. This was literally the first time all of us (my mom, sisters, their spouses/fiance, and children had all been together and not just because the baby was young; even prior to her being born it had been years since we’d all been in the same place at one time). It represents 2 countries, 3 states within the US, thousands of miles, and probably way too many hours/phone calls from my mom to you in order to coordinate it. We don’t get to see each other often and certainly not all at once so it’s a joy to have a photo capturing that day.
2. I love this photo because it’s not “perfect”. At this point the kids were done with the matching clothes but what they are wearing in this photo is truly “them”.
3. My favorite part is the space between my sister in the blue dress and my mom/daughter. Why? Because it’s exactly where my dad would have been if he had lived to meet his grandkids and join us for this photo. The space wasn’t intentional, truthfully I looked at this picture 1000 times (it’s in a place where I see it multiple times per day) before I noticed the space, but it is the perfect spot for him. Maybe he’s there and we just can’t see him.


Agoura Hills

This is the from our very first session with you, my daughter S. was about 3 years old. She was sick that day, as soon as we were done with the session she crashed in the car and had a fever. It’s a picture that is hanging in her room and reminds me of her first deployment, she was unaware of what was going, she had no idea her daddy was leaving the following month. But, as I see this picture it’s almost as if she DID have a clue of what was going on, she’s holding on to him, not wanting to let go. Little did we know we were about to take on two deployments back to back 9 months each. My husband looking back at her as is he’s telling he “everything is going be just fine”.


Oak Park

This is my favorite picture. It’s so clear that K. already loves her sister unconditionally and really captures the big sister – little sister relationship so well.


Thousand Oaks

I love these photos because when I see them I see my baby, frozen in time, and the memories that are attached to these times come flooding back. Garrett is my final baby; he is the last baby of mine that I will push on a swing and hear his squeals and cackles of delight. His curls are the last that I will twirl with my finger and pull and let bounce back. His joy is so full and so innocent. Without these photographs, the completeness of that would inevitably dim in my memory. Thank you for capturing these things for all time.


Simi Valley

This is one of my favorite photos that you have taken. Although it does not show their cute little faces this picture symbolizes a true bond. This picture represents the beginning of a friendship that will last a lifetime. They will guide each other through the journey of life! Thanks for taking such an extraordinary photo!


Ventura County

This is my favorite photo because I’m with my favorite person at my favorite place. Jerry and I have been married 35 years and we recently took an anniversary trip to Huntington Beach from our home in Colorado Springs. After raising 5 children and gaining 9 grandchildren, we are enjoying life as empty nesters and this photo captures the essence of our peaceful and happy relationship! Thank you!


Camarillo Family Photographer

As you may remember, my husband and I gave my in-laws the family photo shoot for Christmas last year. The Hansens have never had a professional family photo taken (absent the obligatory family shot at our wedding), if you can believe that! Even with four adorable grandkids – grandma and grandpa are too busy playing/doing for the kiddos, where’s the time?! It truly was a miracle that we made this happen! When we first saw this picture in your post, we all got so mushy over it – instant tears! It’s so true that we need reminding how big the world is and, despite that, we will always have each other. Family is an amazingly comforting thing. As long as you have them, it doesn’t matter how many clouds roll in. This image will always remind me of that so, thank you!


newbury park photographer

My heart melts every time I see this one. So many times we take pictures (whether we’re the subject or the photographer) and the ones we like best are the ones in which we look the best but, it’s only a version of us. This image, regardless of the perfect lighting and composition, is SO Colton. As a photo junky, I have a TON of him – and he’s only been around for 15 months – but this is one of VERY few from his first year that really show the true pieces of him (hope, trust, curiosity, thoughtfulness, sweetness, pride, love, innocence), and I’m so grateful to you for capturing it!!


newbury park

When we went to see you that day it was hot and dusty. I had no idea how you would capture anything with L. running around. I thought maybe an eye, an ear or a blurry image of him racing past you.
What we were shown that day we picked our pictures were images of our boy so perfectly captured, they brought tears to my eyes. This picture means so much to me. It is my sweet boy and his innocence and his ridiculously long and beautiful lashes. You caught his eyes…yes, but you also captured our sweet boy in a still moment. I can’t thank you enough for the photos you were able to take of him. This photo will forever be my absolute favorite of my little man.
So whether I win the contest or not, thank you so much for this moment frozen in time.


Family Photographer

I think you know which picture I love the most. You took pictures of my family on my grandmother’s 100th birthday. That you managed to capture this moment is a miracle and a priceless gift to me and my family. We called her “Myan,” and I have given this picture the title “Myan’s Hug.”
She left this earth on March 16, 2014. She was 102! I miss her so much, but when I see this picture, I am filled with so much gratitude. I’m grateful that her last days were filled with much love. My husband, my children, my sister, my nephew, my cousins, and I wrapped our arms around her little frame and gave her a giant hug because we love her sooooo much! When I see this picture, I have no doubt that she knows that.


Simi Valley

This is my favorite photo for so many reasons. I love the Expression on Ethan’s face. I love how this picture Captures the fact that we love to play and have fun as Family. And most importantly it reminds me to always Have fun.


Ventura county

This is my favorite JC photo because it captures our whole family having fun and enjoying each other! It makes me smile every time I look at it!
Thanks Julie!


Family Photographer



Time goes by so quickly and I hardly remember these days when my now 3 year old E. was the age if my now newborn G.! Your photo captured that moment for my husband and I to remember and cherish today because in a blink of an eye G. will be 3 years old before we know it.


Thousand Oaks Family Photographer

This picture represents prayers answered and a dream come true for my husband and I. It is our favorite because it is our family. After struggling to conceive for 5 years we were able to conceive our twins through in vitro. We continued to face obstacles as the twins were born very premature. The idea of being able to conceive naturally was never a thought of ours after everything we had been through until we were blessed with the surprise pregnancy of our now 8 month old baby girl. Because of complications during my pregnancy with the twins we were unable to have professional maternity pictures. With the second pregnancy going smoothly we couldn’t wait for the opportunity to have maternity pictures taken not only of myself but of my family. Julie you captured what we once thought was unachievable……A family. This picture represents the pure essence of that and is a memory of a beautiful day we will have for the rest of our lives!


Simi Valley

My most favorite of all is (selfishly) the one of the kids with me where we were all laughing, and they are around me – it wasn’t my most favorite picture of myself, but mostly because it reminds me of the bond I have with them, and the moments of fun and laughter we have, which make the long work hours or hard days all worth it. It is a naturally happy moment that I don’t think I would be able to revisit so easily if I had not been able to see the moment captured by you – the image made the memory stronger.



This is my favorite photo of the photo shoot you did of Crew. A few months before Crew was born things drastically changed in my marriage. Things went from so happy to so shattered so quick. I was so pregnant and so devastated and scared. I had to make some big choices that would affect my children and my life for years to come.
But through it all Heavenly Father and his angels have lifted me and my kiddos up. We have been on the wings of angels. Crew has also been an angel that has helped me through this trial.
This picture of sweet Crew to me represents innocence, tender mercies, beauty, heaven and a boy who will always be my baby. Julie thank you for such a sweet thoughtful gift.


Children's Photographer

January 2011-3 months post baby and I had just started a new job. Life was (and still is!) crazy busy, and our family of 3 was still adjusting to our new family of 4. There were many moments when my then 2 year old would test me, pushing me over the edge and I’d find myself in the middle of my living room floor in tears. I had every intention of having professional photos of our family taken shortly after the newest member’s birth; however, life’s challenges got in the way and I kept having to put my wish on the back burner. Finally, we set a date with Julie Campbell. This was our first photo session with her and I was so excited. She captured so many wonderful pictures of my family and I, including this one of my boys. Despite the daily and nightly tantrums and crying (them, not me) I finally had a happy picture of my kids together. My eldest is smiling and my youngest, while not smiling, i imagine is looking off into the distance thinking “This is a nice hug to be in” (probably along with “When do I get to eat?”). Brotherhood frozen in time! i love looking at this picture over, and over, and over.



Back when I was a senior in high school, senior pictures were a big deal! I remember loving my picture the most because I was lucky enough to get to have them in the beach (being from Missouri I was a little different then everyone else’s) and was very excited to show my friends how well they turned out. I loved this picture in particular because of the how the wind was blowing my hair in a good (but not too wild) way. Haha I sound dumb right? Anyways it was an impressive shot that you had to take on the ground considering you were very pregnant at the time! Haha! Thanks for the great pictures all those years ago!


Family Photographer

Of course it was hard to choose just one favorite image. I chose this one, because I really love the interaction it shows between us as a family. Although it’s nice to have family pictures where everyone is looking, I love that this one captures the relationships between siblings, and also between parent and child.



As hard as it was to possibly choose a favorite image with so many amazing photos, this one takes the cake.
I love how angelic my precious babies look, as well as how you were able to use natural light to make them “glow”.
I love the details in their hands and I love how you captured the differences of my twin girl’s little features. Love love love.



Two is Better Than One

February 24th, 2015

These two sweet little girls stole my heart. Their mother and father have been waiting a long time for them and are so happy to welcome them into their lives. What a blessing they are, not to mention as sweet as can be.Thousand Oaks Newborn Photographer


Thousand Oaks Newborn Photographer


Thousand Oaks Newborn Photographer


Thousand Oaks Newborn Photographer



New Blog!

September 12th, 2014

I am excited to announce I have a brand new blog. You can find it here. I would love for you to take a look. See you over there!


Simplicity Sessions

September 8th, 2014





September 7th, 2014

He loves the beach. He loves to be in the water. He loves laying in the sand in the sun. For his 12 year old birthday portrait session he wanted to go to his happy place. I can’t believe how grown up he is now. He’s my baby, and I love him with all of my being.



Dreamy Maternity Session with Family

September 5th, 2014

This maternity session is one of my favorites. I love the light coming from behind the trees, and the natural setting.  It just makes me happy to see a beautiful family anticipating a new member coming in their lives. It brings back so many memories for me when I was pregnant myself. It was never easy managing little ones and being exhausted from growing a baby, but I was always so excited to meet my new baby. I would dream about the newborn smell, what the baby would look like, and what his or her personality would be. This family has two year old twins. TWINS! That is just so much work I can’t even imagine. I’m sure expecting their 3rd as a single baby seems super easy. It was so fun to meet them all. I’m so grateful they chose me to document this stage of their life.

Thousand Oaks Photographer

Thousand Oaks Photographer

Thousand Oaks Photographer




August 28th, 2014

Award Winning Photographer in Ventura County

A couple of times a month the National Association of Child Photographers asks its members to submit images for the theme they choose. This past week mine was chosen as the favorite for the theme “mobile photography”. This was an image I captured on my cell phone during our vacation up north. I loved it so much because of how big the trees look in comparison to my four kids. I love the way the light hits the back of them in a spotlight. It just makes me happy. It was especially nice to be chosen because the judge was an award winning photographer I greatly admire. Thanks NAPCP! You can see the announcement from their newsletter HERE.





August 27th, 2014

Fourteen is beautiful. End of story. These were from a project I was working on recently. I love them so much I could look at them all day long.